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Vintersorg – Jordpuls

Upon beginning this review, it quickly became apparent that typing the words into my computer was somehow an injustice to this album — there is some force about Jordpuls that pulls back to things more natural, and less synthetic. In fact, it was impossible to write until I pulled out pen and paper, opened the […]

Vintersorg – Solens Rötter

When greeted with the artwork of Vintersorg’s sixth album, Solens Rötter, I hoped Vintersorg (AKA Andreas Hedlund) and Co had returned to their folk/pagan roots after three albums of more cosmic, philosophical and to me downright disappointing material. Well, apparently Hedlund’s time in Borknagar has rubbed off, as Solens Rötter (roughly meaning ‘origin of the […]

Vintersorg – Visions from the Spiral Generator

Coming off the Cosmic Genesis release, I could not wait to expand my brain particles with Vintersorg’s latest, Visions from the Spiral Generator. From his work with Borknagar and Havayoth, to the folk project of Otyg, his cosmic lyrics, and his self-named project, is there a more humble metaller pushing the status quo to take […]