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Wolverine – Still

With their latest release Still, Wolverine continue both their ascendancy towards prog metal’s elite and a rescinding of their more metallic roots. A furthering of their unique mixture of highly charged yet tranquil music, this release can only add more ambivalence to Wolverine’s position in the metal world. No matter my preference against some of […]

Aeternus – HeXaeon

Aeturnus’ past achievements hold little comfort in this release of uninspired mediocrity. Sounding washed-up without remorse, the Bergen-based band’s sixth-full length can only appeal to bargain-basement shoppers. This album is a grindy, dull affair which sounds more like sophomoric hopefuls than the original veterans who brought forth …And So the Night Became and Beyond the […]

Wolverine – The Window Purpose

The re-release of The Window Purpose takes us back to a more active, aggressive Wolvernine. Despite being loaded with influences and various stylistic sounds, the album is nonetheless cohesive, held together especially by Stefan Zell’s vocals.While Wolverine fits into the prog metal label, there are moments of all sorts of musical styles including blues, funk, […]

Visions of Atlantis – Eternal Endless Infinity

Ouch! Originally released in 2002, Eternal Endless Infinity has been re-mastered and re-released on Napalm Records with new cover art and additional demo versions of three tracks. Perplexing indeed, considering it wasn’t an interesting or viable release the first time. Actually, as far as I’m concerned, Visions of Atlantis should have enjoyed making a demo […]

Amon Amarth – Fate of Norns

In my view there are few bands in death metal as emotionally gripping or with as complete a line-up as Amon Amarth. They have developed a sound completely effective and original within the established genre, and 2003’s Versus the World proved it with otherworldly vocals, into battle drumming, thick bass, and guitar leads to push […]

Agathodaimon – Serpent’s Embrace

Up until this point, Agathodaimon has been a group which has achieved much with their first three albums, yet been credited and recognized little. Agathodaimon has been in the realm of gothic black metal since inception, but has always carried a remarkable diversity in songwriting.  This has apparently not been realized by many however, despite […]

Virgin Black – Elegant … And Dying

While the concept of “Aussie Doom” alone seems oxymoronic yet appealing, I admit it’s taken many listens for this release to grow on me. Still, while I won’t add more grandiloquent depression to the fire by banishing it to the graveyard, I can’t exactly put my complete support behind it either. Instead, my opinion is […]

Vintersorg – Visions from the Spiral Generator

Coming off the Cosmic Genesis release, I could not wait to expand my brain particles with Vintersorg’s latest, Visions from the Spiral Generator. From his work with Borknagar and Havayoth, to the folk project of Otyg, his cosmic lyrics, and his self-named project, is there a more humble metaller pushing the status quo to take […]