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Taake – Stridens Hus

When covering the newest release from a group with a storied back catalogue, the question of how to approach the writing always exists.  Of course each album should be judged based on its own merits, but within that set of boundaries other issues arise: how it compares to the last record, how it compares to […]

Taake – Noregs Vaapen

Taake needs no introduction based upon the three hundred potential friends has lined up for me based on Taake in common. Noregs Vaapen features appearances from Nocturno Culto, Attila Csihar, and Demonaz. I’ll leave it to your explorations to find their contributions, for exploring this album is a task well taken up. The album […]

Dimension F3H – Does the Pain Excite You?

“Kickass Bladerunner thrash!” the bands Myspace proclaims. By this I assume they mean mostly mid-paced grooving thrash, coupled with black metal-esque vocals and samples/effects that would remind one of the Bladerunner movie. Now, I’ve never seen the movie (yeah, yeah, sue me), so I can’t point out if they use samples of the flick or […]

Bourbon Flame – Bourbon Flame

If it were 1988, these guys would probably be in luck. I’m sure some major label would snap them up, throw a little makeup and hairspray on them and give them a big push. Unfortunately, 20 years later, this brand of hard rock is a little bit tougher sell. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t […]

Helheim – Kaoskult

Viking black metal giants that seem to be too often overlooked, Helheim are back with their sixth full length and second on Dark Essence. I have followed Helheim to Muspell and back, or from “Muspilli Strid” to “Svart Seid.” Hellheim lineage shines through. This is a return to Solistitium form. Many old elements are in […]

Vulture Industries – The Dystopian Journals

Arcturus, Solefald, Manes, Morgul, Frantic Bleep – all part of an avant-garde, oddly theatrical sub-genre of black metal, and all of them from Norway. Now you can add Vulture Industries to that list, and if you’re an Arcturus fan, you’ve got good reason to rejoice, because debut LP The Dystopian Journals sounds like it could […]

Panchyrsia – Deathcult Salvation

I haven’t heard this Belgian black metal band’s previous release, Ultimate Crescendo of Hell, but I understand that they’ve since changed their sound to avoid the Satyricon comparisons they were getting. Odd, considering that a) that’s a good thing, b) they still sound like Satyricon and c) Deathcult Salvation is impressive in its own right. […]

Aeternus – HeXaeon

Aeturnus’ past achievements hold little comfort in this release of uninspired mediocrity. Sounding washed-up without remorse, the Bergen-based band’s sixth-full length can only appeal to bargain-basement shoppers. This album is a grindy, dull affair which sounds more like sophomoric hopefuls than the original veterans who brought forth …And So the Night Became and Beyond the […]