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Visceral Disgorge – Ingesting Putridity (Reissue)

I reviewed Baltimore’s brutal death metal band, Visceral Disgorge’s sophomore album, Slithering Evisceration, recently and stated how much I loved the album and how they are one of my favorite brutal death metal bands.  I interviewed singer Travis Werner some years back and I was and still am a tremendous fan of their 2011 debut […]

Visceral Disgorge – Slithering Evisceration

Baltimore’s brutal death metal band, Visceral Disgorge, burst onto the scene in 2011 with their scorching debut album-Ingesting Putridity.  I was an instant believer and reviewed the album, gave it high marks and interviewed the singer Travis Werner.   After meeting Travis at a local show and witnessing their brutal live performance we struck up […]

Interview With Visceral Disgorge

2011 saw the debut album from Visceral Disgorge, Ingesting Putridity. This Baltimore, Maryland brutal guttural death metal band were only interested in creating some of the most punishing death metal out there and they did it with ease. The album contains 9 songs of sheer extreme slam brutality with songs that are super catchy so that you can hum the tune while bashing holes in your house from creating circle whirlwind pits! I’ve seen Visceral Disgorge live several times and they deliver an extremely tight and brutal set and the local crowd just eats it up every time. I have been in touch over the years with their singer, Travis and have hung out with him at the local shows. A true underground supporter of the scene and he wants the best for his band, as well as the local death metal scene. Just a really down to earth dude who just so happens to have a super killer death metal voice