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Premonition 13 – 13

Wino is back. After Shrinebuilder, Wino teamed up with longtime friend and guitarist Jim Karow, drummer Matthew Clark and former Meatjack bassist Brian Daniloski to bring the stoned heavy in a new band, Premonition 13. Now, if the name Wino means anything to you, you can go ahead and skip the review because this is […]

Valient Thorr – Stranger

The only thing I’d ever heard about Valient Thorr was, “They’re great live, dude!”  Yeah, well, maybe the same could be said about Mushroomhead, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna like ’em.  But after spinning Stranger a few times, the initial skepticism was sent flying out the window.  The furry outer-spacers comprising Valient Thorr rock […]

Year Long Disaster – Black Magic: All Mysteries Revealed

Few and far between are the bands who can both display their influences and without completely ripping them off. California 3-piece rockers Year Long Disaster are one of those bands. Thankfully, they’re a new band not enamored with the current wave of wannabe “sleaze” bands that seem to be popping up all over. Nor are […]

Valient Thorr – Legend of the World

Building upon the framework laid by last year’s debut, Total Universe Man, those wild and crazy outer space rockers Valient Thorr have returned with Legend Of The World, a twelve track offering once again focused on the charismatic personality of frontman Valient Himself and his band of intergalactic bearded sonic warriors. Sonically, the appeal of […]