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Hangman’s Chair – A Loner

I do not need music to help me achieve a depressed state, Hangman’s Chair, okay? I do very well with that as my default, thank you very much. However, if you’re unlike me (for your own sake, let’s hope), maybe you just need that nudge or like to feel miserable sometimes. If so, A Loner, […]

King Buffalo – Dead Star

Everyone’s got a list of favorite bands – but when’s the last time you added one to your list? Just happened for me with King Buffalo’s new EP, Dead Star. I’ve been listening to the Rochester, NY space-rock trio for a few years now, after stumbling across their debut album Orion in 2016. Among all […]

Scissorfight – Doomus Abruptus, Vol. 1

Do you like burgers? Of course you like burgers. Burgers are so great that vegans and vegetarians have been toiling away forever to create a viable meat substitute, just so they can still have burgers. That’s one of the best parts about burgers – the spectrum of possibilities for what a burger can be is […]

Asound, The – Impalement Arts

North Carolina heavyweights The Asound have been cutting a swath through the underground building a growing following with their tree-topping musical might, a string of consistently kick ass releases and plenty of action on the live-front.  Some of these crud riffers with shifty songwriting ideals are heathens that have served in cult institutions Seven Foot […]

Morag Tong – Last Knell of Om

Named after a faction from the popular Elder Scrolls video game series which I’m not very familiar with, English doom overloads Morag Tong follow-up their EP debut Through Clouded Time by dropping a lysergic, wandering slab of doom with hazy tones, psychedelic melody and a plummeting sludgy aggression seeping into their unholy pounding.  Faint whiffs […]

White Orange – White Orange

Summer driving season is almost here and White Orange should be at the top of the playlist for all fans of straightforward, acid-fried rock and roll. Their debut is simple, straightforward stoner rock that pays homage to the influence of Kyuss and Monster Magnet, balanced by the catchy pop influence that Queens of the Stone […]

Wizards of Kaos – Wizards of Kaos

Dan Moore’s  (sHeavy) new band Wizards of Kaos is one particularly astonishing phenomena that came ’round the bend at the end of ’09. It’s hard to conceive an album like this new self-titled of theirs isn’t some kind of trippy direct export from the 70s; I’m hearing major influence from Sabbath, Led Zeppelin (especially in […]

Bong – Beyond Ancient Space

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about stoner bands are the unapologetically straightforward band names. Bongzilla, King Bong, Space Bong, Belzebong, Dopefight, Dopethrone, Weedeater… Frankly, I’m surprised no one thought to use just plain old Bong before these guys started up in 2005. It’s easy to think sing this kind of name is too obvious, or […]

Premonition 13 – 13

Wino is back. After Shrinebuilder, Wino teamed up with longtime friend and guitarist Jim Karow, drummer Matthew Clark and former Meatjack bassist Brian Daniloski to bring the stoned heavy in a new band, Premonition 13. Now, if the name Wino means anything to you, you can go ahead and skip the review because this is […]

Moab – Ab Ovo

I heard Moab’s Dimensioner demo earlier this year and walked away unimpressed. It was decent enough spacey stoner doom, just nothing too exceptional or interesting. Round 2 is here with the release of their first full length, Ab Ovo, and the band fares much better with some very solid stoner doom that, unfortunately, features some […]

Sons of Tonatiuh – s/t

I was listening Leechmilk’s Starvation of Locusts a few months back and thought to myself “Whatever happened to these guys?” A quick trip to Metal Archives and, lo and behold, Dan Caycedo of Leechmilk infamy is in a new band called Sons of Tonatiuh and they just released their first record. While I initially hoped […]