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Whores- Clean

Whores, a band from Atlanta, play a sweaty, fuzzed-out version of Unsane-like noise rock. There is also a heavy 90s vibe- Helmet being the second-closest possible comparison. Their previous record, Ruiner, seemed to center on the absolute bludgeoning power of their tone, but on Clean there is more focus on vocal hooks and catchiness, coming […]

Whores – Ruiner EP

Whores’ debut EP Ruiner can be summarized with two words: “Fuckin’ riffs”. In fact, that would probably be my review if submitting it wouldn’t make me feel terribly lazy, as well as piss off my Teeth of the Divine overlords. Monstrous, grimy riffs. Riffs that eat bricks and shit lead. Riffs so big, so heavy, […]