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Woe of Tyrants – Threnody

2009 was a pretty solid year for the ‘shreddier’ side of metalcore/deathcore with a slew of solid releases by The Eyes of a Traitor, Conducting from the Grave, Within the Ruins, Painted in Exile and the second album, Kingdom of Might from Woe of Tyrants. Well, 2010 looks to be as shredtastic already with the […]

Woe of Tyrants – Kingdom of Might

Ladies (if there any that read this) and Gentlemen: I give you the first album of 2009 that will be vying for a spot on my 2009 year end list. I’ll admit, my expectations weren’t too awful high for the sophomore release from Ohio’s Christian melodeath/thrashers Woe of Tyrants as their Tribunal Records debut, Behold the […]