Pig's Blood
Pig's Blood

Though a Milwaukee super group of sorts, featuring current and ex members of  new black metal act Prezir (who I highly recommend) , gloomy hardcore act Protestant and crust mongers Enabler, Pig’s Blood would have you believe they come from South America, by way of Pete Helmkamp’s (Angelcorpse) fever dreams with a debut album of bestial, snarling, barbaric black/death metal. And it’s fucking killer.

With Pseudonyms like “Horrible Person”, “Drug Pervert Deathhammer”, “Infernal Scumbag” and “CHUD Overlord”, and song titles like “Misanthrope Absolute”, “Taste The Fucking Poison” and “Torched of War and Retribution”, you know what you are in for. Early Incantation, mixed with defunct US act Sanguis Imperem jumped to mind as well as a host of bestial Hell’s Headbangers acts.

Armed with  filthy guitar tone and even filthier vocals (some times bordering on grindcore gurgle), the 10 song 36 minute affair rarely lets up except for a miasmal Incantation-y crawl here and there. It’s a nasty, grimy affair, but back up that grime with killer riffs as heard on “Iron Justice”, crawling “Rats (This World is a Sewer)”, putridly regal favorite “Death March Insanity” and “Torched of War and Retribution” and some of those aforementioned sickly crawls (i.e start of  “Taste the Fucking Poison”, “part of “Denier of the Root”, end of closer “There Will be No Law”), though I wish there were more.

Hell’s Headbangers missed one here… and a great score for Poland’s Godz of War as this is a killer release of bestial metal, but has some song writing chops as well as pure nihilistic filth. Will definitely be keeping an eye on these guys and future releases.

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Written by E. Thomas
November 10th, 2017


  1. Commented by: Jay

    Big fan of the Protestant and Enabler here. Liking this right off the bat.

  2. Commented by: M Budziszewski

    Hellish. Missed them at this weekends Profanatica show.

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