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Prezir – As Rats Devour Lions

The debut EP from Milwaukee’s Prezir , Contempt, was a solid black/death metal assault, but I’d expect no less from a project that includes Rory Heikkila from Shroud of Despondency on guitar ,vocalist Luka Đorđević from epic Tolkien death metal act  Khazaddum, and has since added Milwaukee scene veteran Jerry Hauppa from Concentric, Northless and Ara on bass. And on the band’s full length debut, […]

Pig’s Blood – Pig’s Blood

Though a Milwaukee super group of sorts, featuring current and ex members of  new black metal act Prezir (who I highly recommend) , gloomy hardcore act Protestant and crust mongers Enabler, Pig’s Blood would have you believe they come from South America, by way of Pete Helmkamp’s (Angelcorpse) fever dreams with a debut album of bestial, snarling, barbaric black/death […]

Eteritus – Following the Ancient Path

Swedish styled death metal is coming from all over the globe now. And adding to Polish bands playing the style like Ulcer and labelmates Kingdom, is the debut album from Eteritus. I have not heard the band’s previous 2014 EP Tales of Death, but Following the Ancient Path is a solid if unspectacular take on the […]

Autokrator – The Obedience to Authority

The post-apocalyptic din made by the French sado-machinists in Autokrator on their self-titled debut turned quite a few heads last year, including mine. It was one of the most jarring, oppressive recordings ever to assault my eardrums. I feel like my hearing was forever altered along with my standard for metal extremity. With an industrial […]