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Autokrator – Hammer of Heretics

France’s Autokrator came across as a group of interest for this reviewer when I discovered Kevin Paradis of Benighted was associated with this group. I must admit that the cover art is what drew me in to checking out this album. What is interesting regarding the cover art is that it was constructed by the […]

Autokrator – The Obedience to Authority

The post-apocalyptic din made by the French sado-machinists in Autokrator on their self-titled debut turned quite a few heads last year, including mine. It was one of the most jarring, oppressive recordings ever to assault my eardrums. I feel like my hearing was forever altered along with my standard for metal extremity. With an industrial […]

Autokrator – Autokrator

Industrial metal has had a tough time maintaining its integrity as a genre over the years. It entered the ‘90s pissed and oppressive, but left them skipping and holding hands with nu metal. Remember Pitchshifter? Their career was basically like a microcosm of the genre as a whole. A few experimental black metal acts like […]