Dipygus really hit the scene with their 2019 debut album Deathooze.  A crushing 7 song affair.  One of their songs on that album, “Deloy’s Ape”, was definitely a memorable one.  The intro is the official police call of when the lady got her face and body parts ripped off by that crazy ass chimpanzee, years ago.  Very sad story, but I had never heard the call in its entirety until the debut Dipygus album.  It’s friggin’ sick.  Anyway, their new album Bushmeat was recorded at Matt Harvey’s (Exhumed/Gruesome etc) studio in California and well Bushmeat is pretty darn gnarly. With so many bands out there I know it helps to let the readers know the style of music the band closely resembles.  Take Autopsy, Impetigo, Lord Gore-throw all them shits in a blender and you have Dipygus.

After an intro, “St. Augustine, FL 1896” comes thrashing in.  Noisy beginning and then right into a vintage early 90’s death metal beat.  Heavy sounding drums, deep sounding-I really dig the snare sound.  Excellent guttural style vocals which call to mind Impetigo/Lord Gore.  Unsure if there is a pitch-shifter being used, but the song and vocals have the style of these 2 mentioned bands – so it’s pretty filthy sounding.  “The Khumjung Scalp”, after an intro, has a fantastic bottom-heavy bass guitar opening, then sliding into a very doomy moment calling to mind Autopsy.  Sludgy, doomy and heavy.  Excellent guitar tone – very organic sounding, then into the faster moments with a nice little ditty of a blast beat to slobberknocker you down several flights of stairs.  A jumpy moment mixed with groove, really would make this song an excellent live song to play.  The song ends with getting into those faster sections once again.

“BushMeat”, at close to 7 minutes, is the longest song.  Awesome opening double bass drums, then going back n forth with the death thrashiness and nice chunky guitar riffing.  Excellent vocals alternating higher and lower.  Really mixing the tones up, add to extra depth for the band.  Around the 2.10 part-Autopsy worship coming forth, with the doomy moments, and those riffs are super killer, mixed in with some pig-snorting, bottom feeder type of gurgling growls.  They’re really terrific.  This song has all the essential ingredients of what Dipygus does so well.  Doomy passages, gurgly vocals, primitive caveman blast beats, and a penchant for the catchiness among all the filth being tossed around on this bad boy.

Dipygus may not win awards for the tightest band on the planet.  There are some loose sections, for sure on this.  The band makes up for those moments with their filthy heaviness, which rather than sound all programmed and shit, the band has taken a more organic approach to their style.  This pays dividends.  Their music comes across as natural, live and heavy.  The songs all have solid structures to them and the band are able to craft some catchy tunes.  Is this better than their debut?, well it’s definitely on par with it, I enjoy them equally and I listen to them a lot.  I would recommend the band tighten up on some of that looser aspects-that would be my only issue.  Other than that check out that colorful album cover – it is perfect for their caveman filthy brand of death metal.

Dipygus has put out a quality death metal album with Bushmeat and I would not be surprised to find this making my year’s end best-of list.  Please like their FB page and get their music.  They are an up-and-coming, hungry death metal band, who have a bright future ahead of them.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
May 19th, 2021


  1. Commented by: Shawn

    Nah clarisa does not pitch shift her vocals at all. She is just gnarly haha

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