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Memento Mori – Memento Mori

Shattered Earth Records is a relatively new label with ties to the excellent Dragoncorpse and has awesome bands like Hanging the Nihilist, Spitpool, Obscure Mantra, Loathsome and The Pelennor Field Tragedgy (yes, epic Tolkien-themed deathcore) on their roster. So when they sent me the new release from Memento Mori, I had to check it out….eventually […]

Dipygus – Dipygus

Three years ago I reviewed the second album Bushmeat from Dipygus.  The band waited until after COVID to release their third album, Dipygus, a self-titled affair.  This Californian sludgy death metal act has returned with their longest album, complete with their longest song, “Sacral Brain”, at over 11 minutes and the heaviness is just as […]

Eternal Rot- Moribound

Eternal Rot is a three-piece from the UK, and they play some lumbering, shambling death doom with some of sickest, moistest, icky gurgling vocals I’ve heard since Seep’s Souvenirs of a Necrosadist EP back in 2020. Moribound is their third album, but I’ll be certainly checking out the prior two albums as this is pretty […]

Coffin Mulch – Spectral Intercession

I’ve consumed a substantial amount of death metal this year. It has typically been that nasty, new-school death metal I’ve been enjoying. Coffin Mulch is in that mold(er), except they’re that buzzsaw variety of Swedish death metal, hailing from somewhere not Sweden… It’s the UK if you’re wondering. I quite enjoyed Septic Funeral and nearly […]

Fall of Seraphs – From Dust to Creation

My love for French Black/Death Metal is not a secret by this point. Will Fall of Seraphs grow on me like a slimy fungus? I mean, 2022 has turned out to be quite the year for grimy, bleak Metal. From Dust to Creation sees Fall of Seraphs Blackened/Death machine blasting like there’s no tomorrow or […]

Dipygus – Bushmeat

Dipygus really hit the scene with their 2019 debut album Deathooze.  A crushing 7 song affair.  One of their songs on that album, “Deloy’s Ape”, was definitely a memorable one.  The intro is the official police call of when the lady got her face and body parts ripped off by that crazy ass chimpanzee, years […]

Kurnugia – Forlorn and Forsaken

Cleveland Ohio’s Kurnugia have been around for several years, kicking up the dust and putting out a few ep’s.  Forlorn and Forsaken is their debut album and just like the ep’s harken back to the 90’s death metal scene and we get 10 songs in 37” and from the beginning the intro has a very […]

Soulrot – Victims Of Spiritual Warfare

I knew some HM2 boss pedals had made their way to South and Central America by way of Zombiefication and Nocturnal Hollow, but it appears some have made to all the way to Chile and they are used to full effect on the band’s impressive homage laden second album. It’s clear immediately (after a short […]

Barus – Drowned

Every once and a while a label puts out a release that is contrary to the majority of their prior releases.  Such is the case with Memento Mori’s 2018 release of Grenoble France’s Barus full length debut Drowned.  For one, these guys are from the same hometown as Andre the Giant. Number two, when a […]

Soulrot – Nameless Hideous Manifestations

It’s amazing to think how much the sound of early Dismember and Entombed have sunk their claws into the hearts and minds of the death metal psyche. That guitar tone alone has spread its dark, evil tendrils to many a guitar player and aspiring band members, so because of this, the disease has spread to […]

Ekpyrosis – Asphyxiating Devotion

I love bands that have the energy and passion in their sound but also still tie into the familiar sounds we all know and love. Take Italy’s Ekpyrosis who excel at both. At the onset,after the customary eerie intro, listen to opening song “Profound Death” and you will judge for yourself as well. The intense […]