Homicidal Ecstasy

Two years ago,  I reviewed Sanguisugabogg’s Tortured Whole debut album and previous to that I reviewed their Pornographic Seizures EP.  With their debut album, I said  “Sanguisugabogg’s blow-up throughout the underground metal scene is really only just the beginning”.  And that is precisely what happened with the band right after the release of the debut.

The band was intent on touring and wanting to make their mark in the underground death metal scene, so the band went on tours throughout the US, as well as overseas.  The band also played at festivals, like last year’s Decibel Fest, where I again caught their live set.

Armed with album #2, The Bogg, is back, and dare I say heavier than before?…well… yes!  This is longer than their previous effort and we get 12 songs in 45 minutes and some of the songs are longer this time around and “Black Market Vasectomy” begins immediately with a nice heavy groove-laden opening.  One noticeable difference on this album is Devin’s vocals.  He has pulled back from the gutturals a bit and has gone for more of an early vibe..similar to Chris Barnes, on the Cannibal Corpse albums he was on.  Deep and gruff.  They work rather well and this song is a really good opener.  The end part with the double bass and vocals is quite killer and the smashing of the cymbals will make you want to launch houses into outer space.

“Face Ripped Off” with the Mortician like distorted bass guitar intro then gets into a bludgeoning heavy groove that will have you picking up change and flailing your arms all damn day.  Quite honestly with the way this tune opens with the distorted bass, I would suggest to the band open with this song in a live setting.  People would be knocked unconscious.

“Testicular Rot” starts with heavily distorted bass and is ridiculous with the heaviness and the guitar sound is on point!  Some of the start and stop moments are killer and when the vocals come in, this is pure knuckle-dragging caveman heaviness.  I love it.  There’s some blasting going on in the song and then some old-school 90’s death metal speeds.  The bass guitar hits center stage towards the end, as the song meanders towards another groove-laden moment with the double bass at the end as well.  A noticeable item to mention is how the rhythm section has become tighter and this is definitely attributed to all the touring the band has been doing.

“A Lesson in Savagery” is very important to point out as it sees the band going for a Meshuggah-like djent sound.  It’s very apparent, you may even say some Emmure deathcore moments creep in….now hot damn a Sanguisugabogg and Emmure tour would be frickin’ bonkers.  Anyway, this song has stop n start riffage and a polyrhythm feel on the slower parts.  The song picks up speed and the blast around the 2-minute mark and Devin’s growl over it is dynamite.  I really like the Meshuggah moments on this, since that band is one of my favorites.

“Mortal Admonishment” has some massive and heaving slams.  The 4-minute part with the double bass and vocals and how the double bass picks up speed…very cool.  The little blast ditty at the end is also worth mentioning.

The production on Homicidal Ecstasy is fuller than Tortured Whole and has a punch-you-in-the-face style to it.  The album is a bit more straightforward than the previous album.  I was hoping for more moments, like “Dead as Shit”, from the previous album, where Devin’s isolated vocals started the song and boom, right into a massive heaving groove section..But that is a minor gripe.  I love this album cover as it has an old school copy, Carcass-y-and-paste feel to it and the band continuing to have covers with messed up-looking creatures is what I look forward to on their releases and merch.

If you like music in the vein of my alma mater – Internal Bleeding, Dehumanized, Devourment, Cannibal Corpse etc.. then you will love this, even deathcore maniacs will enjoy this.  I expect 2023 to be even more of a banner year for Sanguisugabogg.  Crushing, heavy and head-demolishing worthy.  Buy or Die!

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Written by Frank Rini
February 14th, 2023


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