Blood. Guts. Rotting eyeballs. Spewing bile and bodily fluids, forced to drink vomit… have you heard of McCamey Manor? You probably have, it’s in the public consciousness as a nasty place where you get $20,000 if you make it through and you have to sign a waiver; basically saying the “actors” can do anything to you. That experience would be considered extreme, right?

Trocar, who had a fantastic split with Fluids and Lipoma a while back called Dissertations, are releasing their full-length Extremities upon the unsuspecting world. Seventeen tracks in 28:06 minutes, and let me assure you that they use every second like a rusty razor to flay and mutilate.

It’s a horrific crime scene that begins with the unsettling “Mr. Picker”, a pungent stew of disturbing sounds before the final sentence “not alone… Mr. Picker followed me home…” It’s fucking unsettling and creepy and that’s what I would want from these sick fuckers.

The title track “Extremities” gets nasty quickly with brain-drilling drums and bestiary-screamed vocals. I’ve spent a lot of time with this album, not that I don’t anyway; it’s just that Extremities is a speedball of Agorophobic Nosebleed cut with some pure Berzerker and what happens when you piss off a drum machine. Like a crazed monkey on crack Trocar barrels through “Orphaned Organs” featuring some bile gargling squeals, ”Foreign Body Insult” which has an almost Black Metal section with these creepy keyboard harmonies that permeate through the rest of the track.

Trocar creates these spastic bursts of manic energy that are relentless body blows,  “Deinstitutionalize” is followed by the Cattle Decapitation-esque “Skin Like Sky” one of my favorite tracks and then they follow it with “Psalter of Manias” a knuckle-dragging primate of a track, where they sneak in some dub step shit right at the end and it’s fucking perfect. The vocals sounded like Schuler Benson – (lyrics and vocals,) gargled with battery acid.

The vocal delivery on Extremities is deadly. Jesus fucking Christ, there are pig squeals galore, harsh, slightly Hardcore (especially “Deinstitutionalize”) the vocal delivery is growling yet understandable. It’s nice to be able to understand what is being said. Guest vocalists are all over the place, these are compliments of: Frank Albanese (Hath), Greg Nottis (Hath), Jamie Stewart (The Absence, Hot Graves), and filmmaker Ryan Twyford-Rigley.

I notice different things in the songs that I didn’t notice the first time around and that’s a good thing. The Industrial tinged mayhem of  “The Willing” as it grinds, going perfectly into “Tithing Offal”, and then slamming headfirst into “A Lesson” another quick favorite, with some pure sickening gargled vocals.

The songs are positioned in such a way as to maximize the brutality, “Hangnail” is an electronic masterpiece with “Brazen Head,” “Weapons Prosper” and “Field Dressed (to Egress).” These are the seeds planted to my absolute favorite track, “Golem” a fucking massive creature crafted from clay, the riff, the way it’s tempo just crushes; the pacing is like earth-moving Death and Roll. I replay it whenever I listen to Extremities, which has recently been pretty much every day.

If you like the madness that I’ve hopefully been semi-successful in describing and you worship at the altar of Agorophobic Nosebleed, Cattle Decapitation, of course Mortician and Fluids (duh!) Check this fucker out and grind your fucking mind!

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Jeremy Beck
May 17th, 2024


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