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Henry Kane – Circle of Pain

Henry Kane (AKA Jonny Petterson from Wombbath) has released two fine grindcore/crust albums under this Poltergeist-named project; 2017s Den förstörda människans rike, and 2020s appropriately named Age of the Idiot. Both delivering furious, Nasum-ish-styled Swedish grind/crust. However, his third release is a completely different beast altogether. and you should probably brace for it a little bit. […]

Trocar – Extremities

Blood. Guts. Rotting eyeballs. Spewing bile and bodily fluids, forced to drink vomit… have you heard of McCamey Manor? You probably have, it’s in the public consciousness as a nasty place where you get $20,000 if you make it through and you have to sign a waiver; basically saying the “actors” can do anything to […]

Holocausto Canibal – Cuerza Ferina

I had never heard of these guys prior to this release, full disclosure; I didn’t know they existed. They’ve been around since 1999, and since demo Opus I of that year, they’ve been extremely busy putting out a veritable shit load of music including 3 Eps, 4 split albums, 2 live albums and 6 full […]

Redemptor – Agonia

Krakow Poland’s Redemptor return with their fourth full length album Agonia.  I had previously reviewed the groups 2017 release Arthaneum which was one of my favorite albums of that year. Agonia is an excellent follow up album that has a slow build to it which is worth the wait.  Opening with “Tectonic Plates” Daniel Kesler’s […]

Rotpit – Into The Rotpit (Demo Cassette)

Rotpit contains members from Germany’s Revel in Flesh as well as Sweden’s Wombbath.  Both bands I love, who have not issued a bad album in their discography.  I’m friend’s with Revel in Flesh’s singer Ralf Hauber and we’re always very supportive of one another.  Ralf has a great set of pipes and when he told […]

Azure Emote – The Third Perspective

Azure Emote have been around since 2003.  The debut album Chronicles of an Aging Mammal  was released in 2007 and the follow-up in 2013, The Gravity of Impermanence in 2013.  This band is the brainchild of Mike Hrubovcak and the band continues to incorporate their eclectic and highly original brand of death metal with their […]

Trauma – Ominous Black

Way back in 2005, I reviewed the third album from Poland’s Trauma, Imperfect Like a God. It was a killer Polish death metal album culling from all the usual Polish death metal peers. In my opinion, it was as good as many of Poland’s larger, better known bands, but at the time like Country mates […]

Deivos – Casus Belli

Poland’s Deivos have returned with their 6th full length album Casus Belli.  I must say I was quite please and hooked with their 2017 effort Endemic Divine.   Their 2019 effort follows a lot of similar elements and expands upon some. Deivos play a form of brutal, groovy technical death metal that is a bit in […]

Redemptor – Arthaneum

  Every once and a while a release comes out that truly drops my jaw and leaves me salivating for more.  Such is the case with Cracow Poland’s Redemptor fourth full length record Arthaneum.  I consider myself a fairly well traveled connoisseur of polish technical death metal.  This record goes beyond being a technical death […]

Deivos – Endemic Divine

Alright, we are just ending February and the tech death is going to just keep coming this year and I would like to alert you of a band that has a dynamite sound, Deivos. I had to go back and listen to their 2015 release Theodicy which at the time I thought was an outstanding […]

Dystrophy – Wretched Host

When I first fired up the (at the time) self-released album from New Jersey tech-death quartet Dystrophy, I was blown away by the first track “Apex”.  Sporting a very well done Gorguts/Ulcerate impersonation, that first track actually reminded me very much of my favorite track “Forgotten Arrows” from Gorguts’ last album.  It had the haunting, […]

Antigama – The Insolent

Having been around since 2000, and with 6 albums under their belt already, Warsaw Poland’s Antigama continue to be one of the most underrated yet productive bands in Grindcore. and album number 7 shows no signs of the band letting up. The Insolent starts off with the very aggressive “Reward or Punishment”.  If one could […]

Squash Bowels – Grindcoholism

If you’re a grind fan and haven’t hear of Squash Bowels well then… what the hell is wrong with you?!? The Poles have been blasting away since 1994, with a ton of splits and EPs and now Grindcoholism, their 6th full-length album. Despite their longevity, these guys haven’t quite reached the top tier of the […]

Azure Emote – The Gravity of Impermanence

While most current death metal acts are looking either forward or backward, Philly’s Azure Emote takes us on a trip sideways with their second full-length, The Gravity of Impermanence. Mastermind, Mike Hrubovcak (vocalist for Monstrosity, Vile, Divine Rapture, and Abraxas and illustrator for numerous other bands), conducts a slew of talented musicians along with core […]

Terminate – Ascending to Red Heavens

The Chicagoland area has certainly been home to many a great metal band over the years. Trouble, Master, Macabre and Cianide have paved the way for newer bands Nachtmystium, Cardiac Arrest and Bones. Add to the list of quality metal bands from the Midwest’s greatest city, Terminate, who hail from the northwest suburb of Morton […]

Catheter – Southwest Doom Violence

Catheter?!?  What the hell?!?  It’s been seven years since these guys have dropped a full length, and having not heard much from them at all since then I had written them off for dead.  After doing a little research I found out that they have released two or three splits in that time (depending on […]

Calm Hatchery – Sacrilege of Humanity

Good Polish death metal (seems redundant, doesn’t it?) on a good Polish metal label. I needed this, as from what I can recall it’s been a while since I’ve had a filling meal from one of Poland’s head chefs. Calm Hatchery’s Sacrilege of Humanity is modern, chunky, and memorable. Chew your food for Christ’s sake! […]

Stormcrow/Massgrave – Split

Originally released on vinyl back in 2008, this re-issued split features 3 songs from Bay Area sludgsters Stormcrow and 14 tracks (including 5 bonus tracks for those that own the original Agipunk Records release) from Vancouver grindcore acts Massgrave. The 3 lengthier Stormcrow tracks are festering, crusty, sludgy numbers that are self described ‘stenchcore’ and […]

HELLBASTARD Signs Album & Mini-Album Deal With Selfmadegod Records

HELLBASTARD formed in the UK in 1984 playing non-compromising crossover, mixing the ferocity of punk with the crunch and chops of metal, and bearing socially-conscious lyrics. HELLBASTARD released the Natural Order record on Earache in 1990 and released several demos, compilation tracks and remix collections.  After breaking up in 1993, HELLBASTARD reformed in 2008 with […]

Blood I Bleed – Gods Out of Monsters

I say “goddamn, I like it!” When I noted that the astutely named Blood I Bleed would be unleashing 23 songs in 17 minutes I wondered, “Can they pull it off and make the arrangements come alive?” The answer is a resounding “yes,” by grindcore standards anyway. Like the best grinders, in my humble opinion, […]

Dead Infection – Corpses of the Universe

Those zany Poles in Dead Infection are at it again, this time bringing the high-speed muck in the form of new MCD Corpses of the Universe. The term “Goregrind” gets utilized so much now that it has lost some of its descriptive appeal, but there is no mistaking it, Dead Infection is goregrind. Yeah, I […]

Mothra – Dyes

I invite you to check out SelfMadeGod Records and the bands webpage after this review because the description they have of Mothra’s music is not only hilarious, it’s pretty dead on. Honestly, I am having a difficult time placing Mothra into a specific genre, but I am completely impressed by this Polish act. Dyes is […]

Egoist – Ultra-Selfish Revolution

This solo project by Polish artist Stanislaw Wolonciej mixes metal, prog, avant-garde and ambient, with some tonal parallels to the work of off-kilter acts like Frantic Bleep, Manes or Blake-era Ulver. Don’t get excited yet though – this is not as richly textured or as immersive as those bands, mostly due to the largely arrhythmic, […]

Egoist and Mothra sign to Selfmadegod Records

Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the signing of one-man alternative metal band Egoist from Bielsko-Biala, Poland. Egoist was founded and lead by the very young and enormously talented musician Stanislaw Wolonciej (guitars, bass, drums, vocals, synthesizers, production, artwork). The artist was born in 1986 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. In his 20s, Stanislaw’s father was a […]

Selfmadegod Records launches US website, exclusive distribution deal

Formed in 2001, Selfmadegod Records out of Poland has finally launched a North American webstore for all the maniacs who have been desperately seeking its products in the United States. They now can order recent releases at More than that, Selfmadegod has inked a long-awaited agreement for exclusive distribution in North America. From now […]