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Abhorrent Deformity – Slaughter Monolith

Although I enjoyed the debut from North Carolina’s Abhorrent Deformity, Entities of Malevolence, I can say I have not revisited it since its 2015 release. It was a solid slab of brutal/tech death that hinted at something better, and here is the something better. Way better. Though certainly still lingering in the putrid Comatose wheelhouse […]

Abhorrent Deformity – Entity of Malevolence

You can count on a few things in this world; death, taxes and Comatose Music releasing quality, brutal death metal.  And new act Abhorrent Deformity bring a little experience with them on their debut is drummer Matt Green who has session and live drummed for slam gods Kraanium. And though not as purely slam or perverted as Kraanium, […]