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Interview With Abscession

Listen, I know we haven’t done an interview in a few years. But I thought I’d dip my toes back in the interview well and see what happens. And what better place to start than one of the year’s best Swedish death metal offerings from the multinational act, Abscession. I love me some Swedish death metal, and these guys are pretty much near the top of the peak for the genre.

Abscession – Rot of Ages

It’s been 5 years since Swedish/German act Abscession released their excellent debut album, Grave Offerings, one of the best slabs of HM2 Swedish death metal of the last few years, with one of the best songs in the genre “Gargoyle” of the last few years also. And now partnered with Transcending Obscurity Records (allowing for […]

Abscession – Grave Offerings

I’m pretty sure that 2014/15 has been the strongest year for the Swedish Death metal revival movement since the genre reignited back in 2008/09.  And its just not bigger names like Bloodbath, Entrails, Feral, Just Before Dawn, Puteraeon ,Revel in Flesh, Usurpress, Brutally Deceased, Wombbath or dusted of compilations and of ‘lost classics’  like Goddefied, Sorcery and Festerday.  New, fresh, […]