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Ghostbound – All is Phantom

Reviewing something lovingly created by one of your peers is always a challenge. The balance between being honest yet objective and not destroying friendships or relationships is a hard one. Such is the case with All is Phantom, the debut from Ghostbound a project from the mind of Alec A Head, a man whose reviews […]

Nova – Soli contro il mondo

Back in 2008, I reviewed an an album called Vltra by an Italian black metal band called Spite Extreme Wing for another webzine, and I loved it ( the release was also reviewed on these very pages with a similarly positive result). Well, the band is no more, I still play the song “ix” alot, […]

Kommandant – The Architects of Extermination

Strap on your gas mask and be attentive for the air raid siren, citizens.  The enemy can strike at any time!  Kommandant‘s ranks are filled with Chicago metal veterans having between them played in area acts such as Forest of Impaled, Cianide, Enforsaken and, to no one’s surprise, each member had at some point lent […]

Madmans Esprit – Nacht

It’s a difficult task trying to describe a band without using other bands as a jumping off point. I find myself easily slipping into that realm of “so-and-so sound like this aspect of such-and-such but with a little less emphasis on riffing…blah-blah-blah, etc, etc”. I hate having to rely on that but it’s very very […]