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Austrian Death Machine – Double Brutal

Though plying the same basic musical style and shtick as the relatively enjoyable 2008 debut, Total Brutal, Tim Lambesis’s (As I Lay Dying) Arnold Schwarzenegger themed metal act has grown somewhat. First off, professional Arnold impersonator Josh Robert Thompson (The Howard Stern Show, The Late Late Show) now provides the excellent and amusing Arnold quips […]

Austrian Death Machine to release “Double Brutal” this fall!

The heaviest metal band in the world (by sheer mass) has finished their follow up to Total Brutal – get ready for Double Brutal! Not satisfied with the limitations offered by putting out a single disc album, Ahhnold demanded two full cds full of muscle pumping metal! When asked why they needed two discs and […]

Austrian Death Machine – Total Brutal

It’s ironic that I recently rewatched both Terminator movies this weekend (which hold up very well many years later) as I geared up to review this Arnold Schwarzenegger side project from As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis. With Destroy The Runner’s Chad Ackerman providing the surprisingly good Arnie impersonations between songs and Tim Lambesis (along […]

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE releases first single from debut album, Total Brutal!

On Friday June 6th, Austrian Death Machine released the first single from their eagerly awaited debut, Total Brutal. The track, “If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It”, features the voice of Ahhnold as Dutch from the movie Predator screaming back and forth with the Predator himself! “In the first verse Ahhnold is talking trash about […]