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Chaos Moon – Eschaton Memoire

Every now and then, an album comes around that is more than just an enjoyable listening experience. On these rare occasions, a sincere mental and spiritual transportation occurs, leaving the listener mystified, transformed, and perhaps even staggered by how intense the music is and how wonderfully it flows. A raging current interspersed by gentle brooks, […]

All Pigs Must Die – Hostage Animal

In the last decade, a band hell-bent on causing total annihilation has emerged from the murky underground to deliver just that. All Pigs Must Die has become nothing less than a force of nature, destroying everything in its path with some of the most violent music in recent history. The group’s ferocious riffs and psychotic […]

Sinmara – Within the Weaves of Infinity EP

Iceland’s black metal scene has seen an absolute explosion of fantastic releases in recent years. It seems that new frostbitten collectives are emerging almost daily to deliver what has become an unheavenly new standard in blackened insanity. One of the obvious frontrunners in this movement is Sinmara, a five-piece band that crosses the barrier from […]

Pagan Altar – The Room of Shadows

Recent years have seen an insurgence of bands harkening back to the days of classic metal. The mid-paced, stomping riffs and soaring vocals of bands long gone are becoming the subject of a new wave in underground music. Many of the bands responsible for the original rise of heavy metal have called it quits or […]

Usnea – Portals into Futility

The apocalypse finally arrives. Water levels rise; the ground splits in two as previous terraforms are obliterated. Rains pour and fires rage with no end. Lush fields and calm plains instantly turn to sand under the fierce gaze of an unforgiving sun. Mother nature bears no ill will toward mankind but is also supremely unconcerned […]