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Necronautical – The Endurance at Night

The reborn Cacophonous records continues to find solid new UK bands amid its quality reissues and deliver solid releases early into its reactivation. Not only did we have the impressive The Infernal Sea, Eastern Front, Old Corpse Road and The King is Blind with Necronautical , like label mates Old Corpse Road, we get something to remind […]

Cradle of Filth – Dusk and Her Embrace – The Original Sin

Little did I know that arguably my favorite Cradle of Filth album, 1996s Dusk and Her Embrace was actually the second iteration of that album. Unbeknownst to me, before the 1996 Music for Nations version, another version of the album was fully recorded in 1995 with essentially the same line up as the band’s debut […]

Infernal Sea, The – The Great Mortality

The second effort from the UKs The Infernal Sea got my attention for the exact same reasons as The King is Blind and their impressive debut, Our Father. It’s one of the first releases from the newly reactivated Cacophonous Records ( though this was independently released last year on a limited  cassette run)- one of the […]

The King is Blind – Our Father

The UKs The King is Blind appeal to me on a few levels. One, they hail from my old Hereward the Wake stomping grounds in East Anglia. Two, they feature former members of Entwined (an almost famous goth doom metal band from the 90s that released an album on Earache and were thought to be the […]