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Scorpions – Rock Believer

Germany’s Scorpions have been around since 1964. That’s 50+ years.  You can say the band was directly influential in starting the metal scene in Germany.  My start to Scorpions music is their 5th album Taken By Force from 1977. My first album was Love At First Sting in 1984 and that’s still my fave from […]

Crown Lands – Odyssey Vol. 1

This is, if you haven’t figured it out by now, a site dedicated primarily to reviewing heavy metal music in all its various forms. Death, Black, Thrash, Grind, Power, blah blah blah blah, pretty much all are welcome here with open ears and arms. It’s safe to say that, personal stylistic preferences aside, all of […]

Lunar Shadow – Wish to Leave

I don’t know how much of a movie buff you are, but ya know how every year there’s one or two movies you don’t even have to see to know they’re gonna end up winning a bunch of awards? It doesn’t really matter how good it is, or if anyone ACTUALLY likes it. Those points […]