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Cobalt – Slow Forever

After a relatively uninspiring start with 2005s War Metal, Colorado’s Cobalt upped their game and became one of the darlings in the USBM genre with 2007s Eater of Birds and 2009s Gin, as good of a duo of releases that any USBM band had or has released. Both blurred lines of what black metal could and […]

Cobalt – Gin

2007s Eater of Birds was a watershed release for this Colorado duo, firmly putting them in the very forefront of USBM along the likes of Nachtmystium, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Krallice and the long awaited follow up, Gin will further cement the duo as one of the very best forward thinking, envelope shredding […]

Cobalt – Landfill Breastmilk Beast EP

As a stop gap between the magnificent Eater of Birds and the next full length album, Cobalt and Profound Lore offer up this oddly titled, limited edition, 3 track, 44-minute EP that delivers one new track, a Nausea cover and the uncut, full 30 minute version of “Ritual Use of Fire”, which was split up […]

Cobalt – Eater of Birds

The last release from this Colorado black metal duo, War Metal, was a fairly standard, and for Profound Lore average release of blackened, well….war metal. However with the follow up, Eater of Birds, Cobalt have made a Nachtmystium like transition from generic grim black metal to expansive, challenging, ambient and elite black metal and once […]