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Interview with Coldsteel

Coldsteel is a Long Island, NY melodic thrash band that were formed in the 1980’s and they released a bunch of demos before their full length album, Freakboy, came out in 1992, on the now defunct Turbo Music. I used to see Coldsteel in NY and they always put on an energetic set and connected to their fanbase due to their down to earth and fun personalities. Vocalist, Troy Norr, actually became a family friend and came to my parents house a bunch of times and the band were nice enough to include my brother and myself in their album thanks list. Anyway the band could thrash with the best of them, like Overkill and had enough Anthrax style in your face gang choruses to stomp people in the pit too. The other side of the band were their incredible melodic edge with beautiful solos, bass lines and some excellent vocal variations, by Troy.

Coldsteel – America Idle EP

Coldsteel reformed last year and are a melodic thrash band from L.I. NY and their singer, Troy Norr and I go back to knowing each other for close to 25 years. I won’t give you a history lesson, I’ll save that for my interview with him forthcoming. I’m here to review their new ep, America […]