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Ashes of Your Enemy – The Undying

I don’t mean for this review to turn into a rant about Crash Music, but holy hell do they just seem to sign bands that ride the coattails of whatever trend is in vogue at the time. Take Ashes of Your Enemy for example. It’s like Crash realized there is a thrash revival going on […]

Bless The Fallen – The Eclectic Sounds of a City Painted Black & White

Jesus Christ. I tried to like this, I really did. It’s sort of melodic, experimental metalcore with lots of progressive moments, solos, clean vocals and such, but ultimately when delivered with such shitty musicianship and production; it pretty much ruined melodic metalcore for me. With tangible influences like Misery Signals, Shai Hulud, Bewteen the Buried […]

Acumen Nation- Anticore

Many, many year before they turned into rock stars, I saw Korn in concert to support their debut album. The opening act was this wretched electro-nu-metal, programmed pile of puke called Cradle of Thorns. Upon listening to the god awful Anticore I briefly thought I was listening to the same band. This album only further […]

Abeyance – Experience is the Words that are Written

Considering the vast wealth of deathcore and tech/math core that has assaulted my ears this year, New York’s Abeyance shouldn’t have even registered on the Richter scale, even more so considering their rather questionable choice of label. But as it stands Experience is the Words that are Written is actually pretty solid.  I’ve seen a […]