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Thy Majestie – Dawn

Though hailing from Italy, Thy Majestie have less in common with fellow countrymen Rhapsody than most (present company included) might immediately presume. However, upon hearing the Sicilian sextet firsthand many will likely draw comparisons from other regions of the world, Sweden in particular. Sharing much stylistically with the Swedish power metal scene, Thy Majestie sits […]

Thy Bleeding Skies – Chapters of Downfall

They Bleeding Skies is a new band formed by Claudio A. Enzler of My Darkest Hate/Sacrificium and JJ Kontoniemi of Icon Clan and Chapters of Downfall is their debut offering. Melodic death metal in the vain of Amon Amarth is the order of the day here, and they do it pretty well. Thy Bleeding Skies […]

Boltdown – Omnicide

Coming from Newcastle, UK (the home of my favorite beer I might add) is this painfully boring, tough guy attitude oriented and blatantly unoriginal metallic hardcore quartet by the name of Boltdown, and their debut LP Omnicide. What makes them so “painfully boring” you might ask? Well for starters, they seem to model themselves after […]

Tragodia – The Promethean Legacy

Italy’s Tragodia are not doing anything new in the realms of romantic Gothic metal, as their synth backed, catchy yet despondent riffs and male/female vocal trade off has been perfected by the likes of Thalarion, Beseech and Lacuna Coil, but it’s an acceptable entry into the genre. An expected, crisp clean (Finnvox Studio) production delivers […]

Mena Brinno – Icy Muse

Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Mena Brinno (which translates as “Moon Fever”), is a female fronted Gothic metal band featuring former Royal Anguish players Katy Decker and Marius Kozlowski. And while delivering many of the usual Gothic metal elements, Mena Brinno has more in common with the likes of To-Mera and Alas in that it tries […]