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Sequence Of Prime, The – Virion

Probably one of the best things about being a fan of metal is that you’re constantly coming across new and interesting incarnations of the music you love; a luxury not so commonly afforded to the “they’ve been there so let’s do that too” mainstream. Another advantage that the underground has over the radio scene is […]

Jennie Tebler’s Out of Oblivion – ‘Till Death Tear Us Part

Straightaway most of you will probably be wondering “Who’s this Jennie Tebler character, and what has she done for the metal scene that warrants her name tagged onto the front end of some bands moniker?” The short answer to that question is very little. An interesting fact about Ms. Tebler is that she collaborated with […]

Behemoth – Ezkaton EP

While I’m sure it’s been by their own choice and almost certainly in their best financial interest, Behemoth have had a bit of a nasty habit of jumping into bed with a different record company every other release they’ve notched on their belt over the years. To usher in their new business relationship with the […]

Thy Majestie – Dawn

Though hailing from Italy, Thy Majestie have less in common with fellow countrymen Rhapsody than most (present company included) might immediately presume. However, upon hearing the Sicilian sextet firsthand many will likely draw comparisons from other regions of the world, Sweden in particular. Sharing much stylistically with the Swedish power metal scene, Thy Majestie sits […]