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Demon Lung – A Dracula

I am one for concept albums especially when they revolve around late 1970’s Horror Films and that is exactly what Demon Lung’s A Dracula is. Produced by Billy Anderson (Neurosis, High on Fire) A Dracula has a fantastically heavy and sludgy production.  I was not too familiar with Demon Lung when I choose to do […]

Demon Lung – The Hundredth Name

It would be easy to assume that a band who takes their name from an Electric Wizard song would fit in nicely with the bleary eyed stoner doom bands roaming metal’s landscape nowadays. It’s an easy assumption, but a wrong one. Despite the implication of their moniker, Las Vegas’ Demon Lung stands out as a […]

Demon Lung – Pareidolia EP

So those of you currently enjoying the glut of old school metal bands fronted by smoky, female crooners (The Devils Blood, Christian Mistress, Witch Mountain, Jess and the Ancient Ones, Jex Thoth, Blood Ceremony, etc) here’s a short little EP that should appeal to you by way of the debut EP from Nevada’s Demon Lung […]