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Destruction – Mad Butcher/Release From Agony/Cracked Brain (Reissues)

Part II of my Destruction reissue review series focuses on Mad Butcher, Release from Agony and Cracked Brain.  Part I contained Sentence of Death, Infernal Overkill and Eternal Devastation.  In 1987, 1 year removed from their amazing second album, Eternal Devastation, Destruction graced us with the Mad Butcher ep.  Years ago it was usually common for bands to release eps between full length albums and this ep marked an improvement in the production […]

Destruction – Sentence of Death/Infernal Overkill/Eternal Devastation (Reissues)

I had no idea Germany’s Destruction have been around since 1982-Christ Almighty.  I’ve been a fan since their 1984 Sentence of Death ep.  Guess I’ve lost track of time and I have not followed the band since the 1990 Cracked Brain album.  So this is Part I of my Destruction reissue review series.  Germany’s High […]

Destruction – Spiritual Genocide

A lot of legendary thrash bands are past the point of having their current output deemed as “mandatory.” Frankly, no one is going to prefer what said band is doing now, as opposed to what they were doing then. And by “then,” we mean the 80’s, which were rather nice to thrash (in case you […]

Destruction – Day of Reckoning

Did anyone happen to get the license plate of the truck that just hit me? Over and over. For about an hour. Growing up in a rural area long before the Internet showed up in every household giving people access to music from around the world, I was a latecomer to Destruction. I was already […]

Destruction – D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.

Germany’s favorite sons of thrash are back once again with their fifth album (six if you count thrash anthems as an actual album) since their reunions about a decade ago, and they still have it for the most part. The acronym that is the album’s title contains the first letter of each of the ten […]