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Muspellheim – Violent By Design

Disconcert Music has done a solid job of reissuing albums by the likes of Canopy, Agony, Stigmatized, Symbiontic, etc, and now they have added the 2007 self released debut from Canada’s Muspellheim, winners of the 2006 Long & McQuade Metal Fest (apparently judged by Gene Hoglan and Devin Townsend). Boasting a razor sharp production and […]

Canopy – Will and Perception

I have a very vague recollection of this Swedish bands full length debut 2006, Serene Catharsis as a mix of gruff Swedish death metal with a slight melodic, progressive lean, and this re-issue of their 2005 WIll and Perception demo EP along with two new tracks and a reworked 2004 demo track (“Common Walls”) seems […]

Agony – Apocalyptic Dawning

So here is the cherry on Disconcert’s recent three layer old school death metal cake-the re-issue of Apocalyptic Dawning-the self released debut album recorded by the tragedy struck Quebec death metal band Agony. Like so many other bands, the 1995 release of Agony’s self released debut album was simply was bad timing and was passed […]

Symbiontic – Bioconstruct (Reissue)

Much like country and label mates Stigmatized, Germany’s Symbiontic are a Death worshipping band plying a form of old school death metal, but with a heavy Testimonies era Pestilence feel as heard on this re-issue of their self released 2002 debut. Stylistically Symbiontic and Stigmatized are virtually the same except Symbiontic have a more guttural/layered […]

Stigmatized – Live In Despair

Germany’s Stigmatized REALLY like their rather influential luminaries Morgoth, especially vocalist Michael Lay, who apes Marc Grewe to a T. So then expect a lot of mid era Death influenced death metal as well as some Asyphx, Pestilence and early Floridian influences (namely Obituary) in their debut record, a re-release of their 2006 released effort […]

Vengeful – Karma

While there are plenty of big name death metal releases so far in 2007, (Nile, Behemoth, Immolation, etc) there’s one release that might slip under the radar but easily deserves your ear (as with Sarpanitum)-that is this debut full length record from Quebec’s Vengeful. Touted for fans of Crytopsy, Nile, Immolation and Gorguts, the band’s […]

Sordid – Valley of Punishment

While most see Canada as the epoch of complex, technical metal, Quebec’s Sordid make no qualms about being a more simplistic yet well done homage to the likes of Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Misery Index , Dying Fetus, Despondency, Dehumanized, oh and did I mention Dying Fetus? The NYDM sound is rife within Sordid’s groove […]

I.N.R.I – Ultra Sonic Hate Storm

Way back in my metal reviewing youth, I reviewed an album on Cold Blood Industries by a Dutch band called I.N.R.I ( aka Insane Non-Commercialized Rock Institute), called Hyper Bastard Breed -and boy was it ever a scorcher; a simply killer blend of high octane thrash and death metal done absolutely perfectly. Well, that album […]