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Select and Dismember – Annihilation Foretold

From the frigid nether region of Halifax comes the debut album from Select and Dismember, an excellent maiden voyage into the overcrowded and polluted waters of brutal death metal. Annihilation Foretold is a swirling, barbaric slab of extreme music in vein of Krisiun, Hate Eternal, Diabolic, and Sinister, though the band thankfully doesn’t just blast […]

Cephalectomy – Eclipsing the Dawn

Do you miss old Kataklysm? Do you miss the mystical hyper-blasting and over the top lyrical, otherworldly vocalizations of Sylvain Houde? Well, Country mates Cephalectomy are for you dear reader.Nova Scotia’s Cephalectomy have released a superb album that re-creates the Northern hyper-blasting of Sorcery; insanely fast brutal death/grind with surprising amounts of intricate, layered melodies […]