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Disma – Earthendium EP

New Jersey’s doom death band Disma return with an ep full of new material with three great songs. I’m still hoping there’s a full length in the works as their 2011 debut Towards the Megalith was released some time ago. As an ardent Disma supporter of a rack of their merch, all their music and reviewing their last several eps/comp […]

Disma – The Graveless Remains EP

So while we wait with bated breath for the long overdue to Disma’s follow-up to their 2011 debut Towards the Megalith the band has put out this new ep featuring the title track: “The Graveless Remains” and “Sempiternal Deformity”.  Some new line-up changes as well.  Guitarist Daryl Kahan and drummer Shawn Edlridge are out.  Taking […]

Disma – The Lost Vault of Chaos

2011 saw the release of Disma’s debut album, Towards the Megalith, which, for me, is one of the finest death metal albums.  Combining brutal death metal, with a fair amount of doom-death and a heaviness that most bands dream of but never achieve.  Disma’s debut mostly contained reworked demo/7” songs, so I am looking forward […]

Disma – Towards the Megalith

OK, I reeeeeally need to revisit Incantation. Not only have I been enjoying the likes of Corpsessed, Gorephilia, Blaspherian and such, but the current wave of old school death metal has even got Century Media on the band wagon with the excellent Sonne Adam. Profound Lore Records has simply decided to truly dig into the […]