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Ischemic – Condemned to the Breaking Wheel

I don’t know about the rest of ya’ll, but summer sure took its sweet ass time showing up ’round these parts. Yeah, it’s June now, and a lot of this country has been caught in the grips of an absolutely hellacious heat wave (sorry), but back when I had originally started listening to this release […]

Ethereal Tomb  – When the Rivers Dry

I have no problem feeling depressed or sad. Just ask my therapist! I don’t need a band or music to make me feel miserable, yet I seek it. Why? I don’t know, maybe ask Ethereal Tomb and their brand of sludgy doom. According to a quick search, this is the Canadian duo’s second full length […]

Sullen Guest – Chapter III

I had no idea Lithuania had such a diamond in the rough band – Sullen Guest, an excellent doom/death band.  The band’s debut 2015 ep Will You Greet the Sullen Guest as an Old Friend? was a great display of haunting doom/death and the female vocals really enhanced their sound. Their 2018 debut album IIIIXXI […]