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Earth – Primitive & Deadly

“I see behemoth coming/I see a serpent coming/I see a beast is coming/I see a deadly heat is coming” –”There Is A Serpent Coming” Being as this is the first song to contain vocals on an Earth record since Pentastar: In The Style of Demons, it’s very appropriate and telling. One could use any of […]

EARTH Announce New Album Details

The second half of Seattle drone icons EARTH‘s Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light is being prepared for release on Southern Lord in North America this February 14th on CD, LP and digital download formats. Recorded in the same two week session as 2011’s lauded Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I by Stuart Hallerman […]

Earth – The Bees Make Honey In The Lion’s Skull

Beginning life in 1991 as an ultra-heavy, distorted, Drone Doom band, Earth created some of the most mind-numbingly massive instrumental music on the planet. As the years went on Earth found itself developing a few more textures & different tones, yet the band has lost none of the atmosphere it has always been known for. […]

Earth – Hibernaculum CD/DVD

So there’s a reason you’ll almost never see me doing interviews; sorta my version of “front-row ballet” syndrome, I s’pose. Dig: I could give a fuck about the mechanics of creating music – I want to enjoy music as a part of my (self-created and maintained) environment, divorced from it’s “reality” as a performing art. […]