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Cemetery Filth/Ectovoid/Sabbatory/ Trenchrot – 4 Doors to Death

Ahh, the death metal explosion of the late ’80’s and early ’90’s…if you were there to experience any of it, then you know it was a magical time for metal music. A time when a new guard was coming up and pushing the old guard aside, whether the old liked/wanted it or not. It was […]

Ectovoid – Fractured in the Timeless Abyss

Something just crept up out of one of the bogs in balmy Alabama and it’s a hideous monster on the prowl to maim and sever anything in its path. That monster is Ectovoid, a new band more or less formed out of the ashes of Bloated Carcass. Cheesy hyperbole aside, the debut album from Ectovoid […]