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Face of Oblivion – Cataclysmic Desolation

  Boy Comatose Music have had a busy year!  With releases like Neurogenic Dehumanized, Desecrate the Faith and Blasphemer (to name a few) it has already been a solid and consistent run of brutal death metal.  Adding to their catalog is the 2nd studio album from Minnesota’s Face of Oblivion.  Cataclysmic Desolation is a transitional […]

Face of Oblivion – The Embers of Man

Ever wonder what happened to supreme death metal vocalist James Lee after his departure from Origin? Here is your answer. Lee swings the microphone with authority on The Embers of Man from Mankato, MN’s Face of Oblivion, an album on which he is also credited with lyrics. No big surprises here; just a solid tech-death […]