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Ablaze In Hatred – The Quietude Plains

2006’s debut release Deceptive Awareness seems to have flown under the radar of many fans of epic, atmospheric doom metal despite having been released by Firebox, to my mind the premier label for that sound, based appropriately out of Finland and also boasting releases from scene icons such as Saturnus, Until Death Overtakes Me, Swallow […]

Colosseum – Chapter 1: Delirium

So Colosseum is from Finland, reside on Firebox/Firedoom, and play funeral doom metal — do you really need to know more? Painfully slow, lethargic melancholy delivered with crushing guitars, deep bellows, layered despondent harmonies and flocked with synths, Colosseum are the archetype of Finnish doom as played by likes of country/label mates Depressed Mode, My […]

Insomnius Dei – Illusions of Silence

After a fairly disappointing year in metal in my opinion, I have been anxiously awaiting something fresh and exciting. If I only heard this CD earlier, it would have surely made it into my top ten of the year. Australia’s Insomnius Dei, are flat out miserable bastards, I love it. Mark Kelson is the mastermind […]

Depressed Mode – Ghosts of Devotion

Well, it finally happened. A band has taken doom metal to the Dimmu Borgir level. Finland’s Depressed Mode has a very big symphonic take on crushing doom death. Though normally I would piss myself over this type of thing, Depressed Mode isn’t holding my interest. First off, the band name just kills me. We know […]

Terhen – Eyes Unfolded

Of any of the Doom Metal records released this year, Terhen, a band from Finland, have released one of the best. Finland? Of course, Finland. That country seems to have some sort of cornered market on high quality Metal from all genres. Could be some sort of covert scientific experiment by the Finnish government to […]

Pantheist – Amartia

In 2003, O Solitude was one of my favorite albums and I actually thought the band broke up after than superb effort. Well, apparently they relocated the UK (from Belgium) and had a lineup shuffle. Thank god, ‘cos now possibly the finest funeral doom band around can follow up their excellent debut with a suitably […]

Pantheist – O Solitude

A Belgian band I’ve never heard of and A Finnish label I’ve never heard of equals an album of the year contender? Weird, huh? Doom metal has been in kind of a slump over the last few years, never able to find the glory of the early 1990’s, despite welcome recent efforts by Shape of […]