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Fleshcrawl – Into the Catacombs of Flesh

One of the more under the radar reunions of late is the reformation of Germany’s Fleshcrawl, one of the country’s early 90s death metal bands along with Morgoth (who ironically shared the same band name with Fleshcrawl at the outset) , who seemed to get the lions share of the attention. Fleshcrawl eventually settled into […]

Fleshcrawl – Structures of Death

So if Evocation’s recent Tales From the Tomb is the best Entombed/Left hand Path homage of the last few years, with Structures of Death, Germany’s Fleshcrawl have delivered the preeminent Dismember homage album. Most death metal fans know that Fleshcrawl have been ripping off Dismember for their respectable, long but relatively undistinguished career, but on […]