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Wolves of Perdition – Ultra-Violence

It was a cold, frostbitten night when my phone notification showed a new message. I swiped the lock screen and saw it was from El Jefe himself, my editor. He was asking in an enigmatic fashion if I would like to review this new album from Wolves of Perdition. I said that I would give […]

Fin – Arrows Of A Dying Age

Fin actually play a rather original variation of black metal on the band’s second album, Arrows Of A Dying Age. The unique melodic sensibility of guitarist/vocalist M.K. , and perhaps the tuning itself, make for a triumphant, and almost life affirming form of black metal as opposed to inspiring the usually projected themes of hate, […]

Committee, The – Memorandum Occultus

Truth be told, the review you are reading almost didn’t come to fruition. Not because I am a lazy procrastinator, (even though I am a lazy procrastinator) but because I could never seem to make it through the first track of The Committee‘s second full-length album, Memorandum Occultus, before I was just bored to tears […]

Burial Hordes – Extinction EP

Having never heard Burial Hordes before, I wasn’t exactly sure on what to expect from this Greek four-piece and their latest EP release, Extinction. Just going off of the band’s moniker alone, I didn’t figure the guys were employing a form of power metal, stoner, ambient, or anything of an experimental nature as much as […]

Northern Plague – Manifesto

Throughout the years Poland has been a steady war factory, churning out quality metal bands of various genres. Though the country known mostly for delicious pierogi is hardly – if ever – mentioned in the same breath as its neighbor Germany when speaking of the sheer amount of terrific metal bands, Poland certainly has a […]

Sammath – Dodengang

Three quality releases all on Folter Records, which is why I picked up the first one, Folter has never let me down, one of the few labels where you don’t have to worry about listening first. Strijd was high quality black metal, high pitched shrieks, corpsepaint and swords, and all lyrics in Dutch. Verwoesting/Devastation was […]