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Gorephilia – In The Eyes of Nothing

Gorephilia’s style is most reminiscent, to my ears, of death metal in the mid 00’s.  A time when Death metal sought modernization, and evolution from it’s golden era of 88-94.  The spirit remained but bands strived to enhance, production, speed, and heaviness simultaneously into new dimensions beyond the theoretical planes of heaven or hell into […]

Gorephilia – Severed Monolith

Finland’s Gorephilia return with their second full-length album, after 5 years.  Their first official release was the outstanding  Ascend to Chaos ep in 2011, which they bested a year later with their debut album, Embodiment of Death.  Severed Monolith has a very Morbid Angelish sound to it.  I am reminded of Morbid’s Blessed are the […]

Gorephilia – Ascend to Chaos EP

The debut EP from Finland’s Gorephilia was a victim of circumstance. Released earlier this year around the same time and on the same label as Corpsessed‘s debut EP,  it got kind of steam rolled by The Dagger & the Chalice. Which is actually a bit of a shame as Ascend to Chaos, while certainly not […]