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OATH TO VANQUISH: Second Album Update

Lebanese extreme metallers OATH TO VANQUISH have issued an update of the band’s activities and the development of their second full length album. Commented guitarist/vocalist Elias van Quish: “We would like to announce that the material for our long awaited second album, to be entitled “The Ruinous Fate of the Blind” is nearing completion. An […]

Defeated Sanity – Psalms of the Moribund

Taking more than a huge nod from Suffocation as well as the likes of Devourment, Decrepit Birth, Gorgasm and other more brutal, technical US death metal bands, Germany’s Defeated Sanity have delivered a second album of appropriately sick and gore filled technical brutality (brootek death metal?). With ultra deep, almost grindcore core styled burps layered […]