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Writhing Shadows – Writhing Shadows

The last time I heard Alabama’s Writhing Shadows, its was when I reviewed a group of cassettes from then fledgling label, Gurgling Gore, that included featured Wharflurch and Seep. Well, both the label and band has been productive since then with numerous cassette releases, with Writhing Shadows having released a split, an EP, a single, […]

Gurgling Gore Cassette Showcase – Seep/ Wharflurch/Writhing Shadows

So I got three cassettes, the first 3 releases, from new label, Gurgling Gore. So rather than review the 12 songs individually, I thought I’d combine all 3 into a Cassette extravaganza!!!! First up is Wharflurch’s 5 song debut Lurking Doom EP. Hailing from Florida, the curiously named duo (a theme for these releases it […]