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Interview with Jeremy Golden of Heaven and Hell Records

Heaven and Hell Records is a rising force in the metal underground, bringing life back to long-dead bands and records and unearthing new talent by means of reformation and reissues. Like a lot of small underground labels, the day-to-day operations are handled by one man, Jeremy Golden, whose responsibilities are seemingly endless. Golden has learned along the way as the label has grown and evolved from a small hobby-type business to a reputable name in the metal underground that releases quality titles on the reg.
Golden spoke with Teeth a while back about all things Heaven and Hell, the good and the bad, and the following is the result of that chat.

Natu Sabverata – Existing To Ensure Your Destruction

Ever wonder why, with all the bands out there paying tribute to NWOBHM greatness, there were seemingly no bands paying equal respects to Floridian, Satanic, 90s-era death metal? Have I got a band for you! Most of what passes for death metal these days, from newer bands anyway, comes off as core-infused, double-kick infested, cacophonous […]

Witches Mark – A Grim Apparition

In all honesty, when I think of Austin, Texas, power metal isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Witches Mark, apparently, is making a valiant attempt to change that. This four-song EP doesn’t convince me that can happen, but it’s also not a bad set of songs either. In fact, if I didn’t know […]

Hellrazor – In The Wild

I’m still kind of on the fence with this release. On one hand, it’s nice to see some thrash done by dudes who don’t look 16 years old, with short dyed black hair and eye liner. But on the other hand, the kids almost do it better. That statement certainly won’t make me any friends. […]