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Faith No More – Sol Invictus

Even in the wake of their reunion tours stretching back to 2009, the reality of a new studio album from Faith No More, the kings of genre-bending alt rock-metal, seemed highly unlikely. At the height of their powers Faith No More shared a strained relationship with each other, a prickly tension and volatile chemistry that […]

Isis – Wavering Radiant

Like Tool, Isis has smartly embraced the notion that their already atmospheric, enveloping creations can be even more enthralling when there’s a visual dimension to play off of. Although it remains to be seen whether Tool‘s Adam Jones’ involvement in Wavering Radiant will lead to the same astounding videos he’s done for his own band, […]

Unsane – Visqueen

Since 1988, New York’s Unsane have laid waste to the hardcore competition with every successive release. Pioneers of the noisecore subgenre, their 1991 debut featured a decapitated man on a train track (an idea that Mexican death-metal junkies Brujeria would later tweak for their debut album art), and every album cover since then has highlighted […]

Hella – There’s No 666 in Outer Space

The term “hella” is the West coast equivalent of New England’s “wicked,” an intensive adjective used frequently to strengthen expressions, and both can be used interchangeably: “it’s wicked (= very) cold today” or “she was driving hella (= extremely) fast.” While Wicked is also the name of a book made into a Broadway musical, Hella […]