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Ironwood – Storm Over Sea

The debut from this Sydney Australia progressive folk-metal act was ambitious, but didn’t quite reach its potential. Fire:Water:Ash was a bit too wandering and unfocused for its own good. The maritime themed follow-up however, is an improved effort that sees the act fulfill the promise of the debut. Though hailing from Australia, the influences of […]

IRONWOOD Announces Storm Over Sea Details; Post Two Tracks Online

Australian progressive folk metallers Ironwood has unveiled two tracks from their new album Storm Over Sea for free digital download. The tracks, Share the Burden and Will to Live, are available via the band’s website as well as Myspace, Facebook, iLike, and Reverb Nation pages.  “These two tracks represent the extremes that Ironwood runs to,” […]

Ironwood – :Fire:Water:Ash:

This Australian band mixes neofolk, progressive rock, classic heavy metal and Viking/black metal with an epic, narrative approach that should appeal to fans of Empyrium, Solefald and Doomsword. It’s an ambitious album, and obviously a lot of care and thought has gone into it, although in the end I found it as exasperating as it […]