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Various Artists – Wizards of Gore: A Tribute to Impetigo

Impetigo were considered by many to be the kings of true underground death metal when they broke up in 1993. This band played a large role in furthering the expansion of the underground during the tape trading days of old. They also remain a huge influence on our current international death and gore metal scene. […]

Vomitory – Revelation Nausea

Revelation Nausea is crushing, high-velocity Swedish death at its best. There is no standard death metal approach here, my friend. Vomitory weaves in many elements that give this recording a dynamic that hasn’t been heard in metal this brutal in a long time. The most exciting of these elements is the intermittent use of Swedish […]

Wolfpack – Allday Hell

No, this is not that excruciatingly annoying fat honky rap outfit. This is one of Sweden’s greatest hardcore groups on an album that will knock you flat on your face! Allday Hell is like a more bitter and violent combination of Discharge, Nausea, and Disrupt with a heaping helping of Motorhead. The majority of this […]