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Judas Priest – Invincible Shield

Judas Priest will go down as one of the greatest Heavy Metal bands of all time – without a shadow of a doubt.  This is the first time for me reviewing a Priest album and I am excited to do so.  I will say this….sometimes I get overly excited reviewing some of my favorite bands.  […]


One of the worlds most popular and influential Heavy Metal bands – Judas Priest are set to rock the UK to it’s very core when they bring their ‘Priest Feast’ tour to play 7 arena dates in February 2009 with support from special guests – Thrash Metal veterans Megadeth and Testament.   Since 1974, Judas […]

Judas Priest – Nostradamus

It’s a shame that, in one of his prophecies, Nostradamus didn’t foresee that Judas Priest would one day record a two-disc concept album about him. Maybe he could have warned them that it may not be the best idea. The idea of a concept record about Nostradamus had me scratching my head to begin with. […]

Judas Priest Prepare to Unleash “Nostradamus”

JUDAS PRIEST ROAR BACK WITH AN INSTANT EPIC, ‘NOSTRADAMUS’ ON MULTIPLE CLASSIC FORMATS & A WORLD TOUR! Think ‘Double vinyl, gatefold sleeve concept album,’ and some of rock’s all-time classic recordings come to mind. But in the realm of heavy metal, there has never been a double vinyl (now disc!) concept album that has managed […]