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Bloodbath – Unblessing the Purity EP

Mikael Akerfeldt has returned to Bloodbath, and there was much rejoicing. However Dan Swano is gone now and that has had an effect on this EP moreso than Akerfeldt’s return. While the vocals are an improvement over Pete Tagtgren on Nightmares Made Flesh, the songs themselves are missing something. As opposed to the early Morbid Angel/Entombed […]

Coldworker – Rotting Paradise

Coldworker have provided us with their second album and what a revelation. I confess I didn’t really listen to the first one that much so I can’t say that much for their progress since then but Rotting Paradise has blown my mind. Coldworker remind me of an amalgam of The Forsaken and Hate Plow, due […]

Pedigree – Growing Apart

Note, I originally reviewed this album for Deadtide a few months ago but my opinion hasn’t changed on it in the least.Pedigree is industrial dirge from Estonia. This is some pretty good stuff mixing in bits of Isis, Therapy? and their most prominent influence, Godflesh. The bass is what reminds me a lot Isis, due […]