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Lantern – Dimensions

Before starting this review, I was listening to/reviewing the reissue of Winter’s 1990 masterpiece Into Darkness. Whether directly or not, I can tell they had an impact on Lantern and their new album Dimensions. I bought into the hype of Lantern’s previously release, but it overall left me with a cold feeling. Not that cold, […]

Lantern – II:Morphosis

Finland’s 2 piece monstrosity, Lantern, return with their second abum, II: Morphosis, after four years since their debut, Below.  If you’re lucky enough to have the Subterranean Effulgence ep, in your collection, consider yourself lucky, it’s a great release.  Opening with “Black Miasma”, I am noticing some Dark Throne type of sounds going on here.  […]

Lantern – Below

Dark Descent Records has been on an absolute tear of killer releases in the past few years. Off the top of my head they have put out great records by: Ritual Necromancy, Entrails, Burial Invocation, Mitrochondrion, and Thantifaxath. If the rest of their catalog is as good as the aforementioned, or Lantern’s spectacular debut Below, […]